Municipal Bond Underwriting and Distribution Services

The FMSbonds Investment Banking team is a recognized leader in issuing bonds to fund public infrastructure for real estate projects. Our underwritings include:

  • Rated and non-rated tax-exempt land secured financing
  • Rated and non-rated tax increment financing
  • Special district restructurings
  • Charter schools
  • Multifamily housing
  • Tender option bonds

Our edge is two-fold.

First, our professionals possess deep and diverse experience. Drawn from top Wall Street firms, we are known for our creativity and proficiency. We recognize that no two underwritings are identical and bring to bear a laser focus on the unique circumstances of each transaction.

Second, we don’t just bring deals to market, we drive performance. Through exceptional institutional and retail sales forces, we enjoy long-standing relationships with large financial institutions, hedge funds, mutual funds as well as individual investors.

This combination – a talented team of bankers and high-performance sales and trading professionals – gives us a distinct advantage.

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